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Reverend Gary Hua

Senior Pastor


Reverend Hua was born and raised in Beijing, China.  He was formerly an IT professional before going into ministry. He came to the United States in 1987 as a graduate student at the University of Iowa and finished with a PhD in computer science in 1992. During that time, he experienced a tragic campus shooting in 1991 and witnessed the love of Christ from the family of a victim. That brought him to Jesus Christ.

He worked in the computer industry for more than 10 years and was involved in various ministries of CCMC, the mother church of LWEC.  When he was called into full-time ministry, he first served in CCLife before he enrolled into Moody Bible Institute and received his Master of Divinity (MDiv). From 2007-2012, he served as the Chinese pastor of LWEC.  Since January 2013, he has been serving as the executive director in the Overseas Campus Ministries mission organization.

He and his wife, Dr. Linda Gao, have been married since 1982. They have a son, Leo Hua, and daughter-in-law, Cindy Yu, and a granddaughter, Aria Hua. He enjoys playing violin and table tennis.

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